Aubrey & Duke
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This was their first time together after their surgeries.  Aubrey is reading the book she got from Duke, which was given to the both of them from MedVet. 

"Josh" is the dog that came with the book and is sitting next to Duke.  Josh and Aubrey spent a lot of time together, in and out of surgery, but she is willing to share him with Duke. (Actually, we think she really just wanted a larger audience to listen)   Photo by Shelly Murray

On 1-11-11, Duke lost his battle with his health issues.  He fought long and hard, and enjoyed every day of his life, sharing the love that only a dog can.  We were blessed to have Duke, and he lived four years longer than anticipated.  Between all his vets (especially Dr. Maynard), he was watched over with great care.  And when Duke had a problem, the Dr's would see him quicker than a human can get in and out an Emergency Room.  To the vets who cared for him over the years; you have no idea how much we appreciated your help and support.  You knew his needs and were there for him every step of the way.  There is no way for us to properly repay you.

To his friends, he lived for you -- and the tennis ball.  To work Physical and Speech Therapy with people was the perfect combination and that was what he wanted to do every day.  Though he had many 'ladies' that he loved, none meant more to him than his mom and Lori.  But he also loved his 'clients', making each one feel like he or she was the most important human in his life.

There was a gift given to us in October -- a 10-week old Golden puppy!  It was said that he was what we needed.  His first time out to play ball, he chased it, brought it back, and dropped it......  This is not normal, and we wonder if this gift may have had some greater meaning.  His name is J.D., and it has several meanings, but instead of telling you here, I'll let you look on the DOGTORS University page at him and the 'rest of the story'.

 On the brighter side.... here is the latest on Aubrey...


Top Left: Aubrey is petting Micah (who was there for a surprise visit), unaware that Jacob (being walked up by Scott Wright) is her new horse.  Top Right: Still in the dark about everything, Scott hands the lead to Aubrey.  Bottom Left: Shelly asking Aubrey if she likes Jacob.  After Aubrey's immediate "YES", Shelly smiles and says, "He's your horse".  Bottom Right: Aubrey held Jacob's lead for two hours straight, walking him and letting him graze around his new home.

It's a"God thing"...

These were the words of Karen Wright, a DOGTORS Team (with Micah) and our Equine Evaluator in reference to the partnering of Jacob the miniature horse with Aubrey.

Aubrey has been talking horses and miniature donkeys for the past two years, but she never knew that it would be a young girl in Athens, Ohio that would answer not one, but TWO, prayers. 

Because of family hardships, Jacob, and others, needed to find a home.  For Rebecca, the only peace she would have in losing her beloved horses would be that they find loving people to take care of them, and what better home could a horse ask for than with the Murray Family.... 



Aubrey & Duke